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    A pioneer in sustainability

    Mercier is one of the industry's pioneering manufacturers that has a long-term vision to reduce our ecological footprint for generations to come. We understand the importance of wood as a natural resource—and trees for the Earth's future.  That is why we have implemented the most advanced environmental policies and sophisticated production methods throughout our entire supply chain to maximize the 5Rs of sustainability:


    Controlled wood supply

    We are committed to sourcing wood only from environmentally responsible suppliers. All of the species we use come from sustainably managed North American forests and adhere to rigorous traceability standards. With Mercier's wood flooring, you are guaranteed peace of mind knowing you are benefiting from the most outstanding quality and environmental stewardship.

    Sustainable production processes

    Mercier's approach to sustainability is so thorough, we are proud to achieve the lowest amount of waste in the industry—2% vs 5% with other manufacturers. What's more: we reinsert 100% of our residues back into the company to heat our factory, for example. All of our products are packaged using recycled and recyclable packaging.

    Greenguard Gold certification

    Mercier is one of the few manufacturers of pre-finished wood to be certified Greenguard Gold, the highest standard on the market. This certification confirms that our finishes are free of thousands of chemical substances that are harmful to human health, such as VOCs and other pollutants. We provide peace of mind to clients who are concerned about the air that they breathe.

    Floors that contribute to LEED certification

    Our superior-quality floors, which contribute to making buildings LEED-certified, are designed to be the innovations of today and the classics of tomorrow.