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Happy Sunday and welcome to Mercier Wood Flooring. What are you looking for?

For what room do you have new floors in mind?

The room function can impact your choice of floor.

For example, a solid wood floor is not ideal for a basement, especially when the subfloor is made of concrete.

In high traffic rooms, we recommend a raw, textured wood (oak or ash) to help mask everyday wear.

What’s your decor style?

On what level will you install your floors?

A solid 100% wood floor is not recommended in rooms that are exposed to frequent temperature fluctuations, as is the case in a basement.

On what subfloor will the floor be installed?

You can choose from three types of floors: Solid, Engineered and LOC.

If you answered concrete, you should opt for either Engineered or LOC floors. However, you can always add plywood over the concrete subfloor if you really want a solid wood floor.

If you answered plywood, you can choose from any of the flooring types.

How would you like your floor to look?

The grade will determine the look of your floors. Depending on the wood species, you can choose between these four grades:

Select & Better

Lightly contrasted with pure, uniform color. A light, even appearance.


A rich and contrasting appearance with pronounced variations in tone. Light knots, streaks and marks.


A blend of all the species’ natural shades. Pronounced tones.

Rift & Quarter Sawn

A clear, uniform appearance with slight variations in the natural color tones (white oak only)

Thank you! Now, what kind of color tones do you prefer?

Light tones.

Medium tones

Dark tones

Our Advice

Consider the natural lighting and the size of the room when choosing a tone for your floor. Example: we recommend a lighter tone for smaller, darker rooms.

In these tones, what color do you like?

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