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    Generations Intact 2500 finish: The solution for families and pet owners
    Montmagny, Québec • January 5, 2023

    Generations Intact 2500 finish: The solution for families and pet owners

    Mercier Wood Flooring, renowned as a pioneer in the manufacturing of prefinished wood floors, responds even better to the performance needs of young families and pet owners with it's Generations Intact 2500 finish that  preserves the floor's original appearance longer,  even if it is subjected to the repeated assaults of a busy household.


    Mercier Wood Flooring’s in-depth knowledge of the science of prefinished wood flooring allows the company to push the limits of the Generations Intact 2500 finish even further, both in terms of look and performance. The microfragmented aluminum particles create a multipoint contact surface that provides increased scratch through resistance and retains the floor’s original luster for longer. This exceptionally durable and clear matte finish keeps floors looking great through years of wear and tear. The Generations Intact 2500 finish will add an extra protection to wood floors that must stand up to intense traffic, pets, or a kitchen installation. For Matthew Baker, President of Journey Flooring in Langley, British Columbia, the Generations Intact 2500 finish's performance has a solid track record.: “When our customers came to us for hardwood flooring for their new custom home and requested the most durable product to hold up to their busy household including a dog and large doors opening onto their patio with a pool, we had a solution for them. Mercier’s Generations Intact 2500 finish is the best of the best and we recommend this product to our customers who want quality and performance.”

    Available on Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory and White Ash, on Solid and Engineered platforms, the Generations Intact 2500 finish is available on almost all our floors in our standard offer, except for the PRO and Element Collections.

     About Mercier Wood Flooring 

    Founded over 40 years ago, Mercier Wood Flooring is the perfect synergy between know-how, a love for wood and authenticity. Renowned in the industry as the original prefinished wood flooring, Mercier is backed by 300 dedicated wood specialists that work in the company's plants in Montmagny and Drummondville, Quebec. Today, Mercier Wood Flooring is the culmination of three generations of passionate people committed to quality and innovation.

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